What is the difference between ride-hail and private services?

Choosing the right airport transfer for your clients can sometimes be tricky as there are many factors to consider before booking; budget, client profile, number of passengers. Not to mention other considerations like; ride-hail or private? Economy or luxury? Would they need a meet & greet? In this article, we’ll be differentiating our ride-hail and private services so you can start booking the ideal airport transfer for your clients.

Ride-hail is when a customer hires a personal driver usually via smartphone applications like Lyft, Grab, or GoCatch. Ride-hail is known to be informal, having local drivers who are casually dressed and typically use their own vehicles.While ride-hail may slightly be more affordable than Private, it’s important to note that ride-hail offers no additional services and no meet & greet which could be a deal-breaker for some clients, especially those in the corporate sector. Other global ride-hail brands include Uber, LAXRide, Cabify, FreeNow, Gett, & Bolt and you can book them at fixed prices through Jayride’s agent portal.

Private Transfers on the other hand, are rides serviced by traditional limousines, chauffeurs, town cars, or hire car companies  that can be pre-booked by a passenger from their point of origin to their destination, and to and from an airport. In terms of travel,  private transfers go above and beyond ride-hail.  Added value services may include Meet & Greet as an option, where passengers will be met at a set meeting place by a professional driver holding a sign with the passengers’ name. Depending on your client, you also have the option to book an economy, business, or luxury vehicle based on their preference and budget, making this an all-around choice for leisure and corporate travellers.

To sum it up, Ride-hail is a service well recommended for travellers on a budget who don’t mind the lack of additional services. Private transfers, on the contrary, offer a wider array of options from economy to luxury and deliver the professionalism perfectly suited for clients in the Corporate and Business sector, or just any traveler looking for meet & greet and additional services. Simply put, the best choice really boils down to what your clients need; and by knowing the difference, we can better manage client expectations, choose airport transfers that best fit their preferences, and most importantly, provide them with a positive and lasting experience.

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