I’ve received a booking. What now?

Great!  To  ensure a great traveler experience, you need to directly contact your traveler to  organise a pick-up time and confirm drop-off and pick-up destinations. Jayride.com is a comparison site and our main task is to provide you with bookings and connect you with travellers

Once a traveler has made a booking through Jayride.com, you will receive a booking confirmation email with the following information:

  • Service Type (shared or private)
  • Travel details, including:
  • Travel date
  • Flight time
  • Flight number
  • Total passengers
  • Pick-up address
  • Drop-off address
  • Payment details
  • Meeting instructions
  • Travel Agent details (if booking is through a travel agent) including:
  • Agent name
  • Agent email
  • Passenger contact details
  • Extra items requested by passenger
  • Any additional notes
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