Jayride Medical Assist Program

Jayride has been expanding its network of partnerships with Medical Partners, including Travel Insurance, Worker’s Compensation and Medical Travel Companions. We're thrilled to introduce our new program, ‘Concierge Service’, designed to ensure safe and reliable transport for passengers with specific needs.

These passengers are a top priority, and they require the utmost care, both physically and mentally. It's crucial that you follow any instructions provided for each booking, taking into account the specific needs of these passengers.

As not all bookings can be made through the Jayride platform, you may receive requests from our Concierge Service and Sales Team. Please respond to these requests with a price quote within 30 minutes.


  • You will have read and understood any special requirements and needs of the Traveler as detailed in the Booking and that the Transport Company Personnel are able to meet those special requirements;

  • All vehicles used to transport the Traveler will be in good working order and repair, safe and free from any material defects and be licensed to be operated for the purpose for which the vehicle is to be used;

  • You will ensure that drivers of the vehicles used to provide Medical Assist Transport Services will be informed of the Travelers special requirements and will possess the necessary experience, skill, physical and mental ability to provide the Medical Assist Transport Service and meet the requirements of the Traveler;

  • You will immediately seek clarification from us if any information (including information relating to the special requirements of the Traveler) contained in a Booking is not clear to you;

  • You will ensure that a Booking is allocated to a driver with a vehicle that can properly accommodate the requirements of the Traveler—for example, where relevant, the vehicle must be equipped to transport a wheel chair or other devices, or aids mentioned in the Booking;

  • you will inform us immediately if a confirmed Booking cannot be successfully serviced or honoured;

  • You will ensure that all Bookings for Medical Assist Transport Services which are accepted by you are given priority status especially in terms of availability, and all other considerations involved with providing Medical Assist Transport Services;

  • you will provide the Traveler with all information that is relevant for the Traveler to travel successfully from the place of pick up to his or her destination;

  • you will ensure that all Personal Information regarding the Traveler is kept strictly confidential and not used for any purpose other than providing the Medical Assist Transport Services and furthermore that you will ensure that that you comply with all laws relevant to the collection, holding, use, disclosure of Personal Information including all requirements set out in the Transport Contract;  

  • You and the relevant driver will be responsible for the safety of the Traveler from the time the Traveler is collected to the time the Traveler reaches his or her destination;

  • you will respond promptly and comprehensively to any questions we may raise with you in connection with the provision of the Medical Assist Transport Services.

To become a part of our list of trusted suppliers for Medical Assist bookings, we kindly request you to review the requirements and contact your Account Manager at bookings@jayride.com for further information.

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