What do I do if I can’t find my passenger?

First check your phone and email for any correspondence from your passenger. If there has been no contact and you are:

At the airport

Please make sure you are waiting for your passenger at the pre organised meeting area, which is specified on your meeting instructions that you organised previously with your passenger. If you are having trouble locating your passenger, please attempt to contact them via phone and/or email. Involve airport ground crew if necessary.

At a hotel

Let the hotel staff know you are there picking up the passenger, and attempt to contact the passenger via phone or email.

Note: It is always best to confirm a pickup time directly with your passenger, prior to the day of travel.

At a residential address

If you’re picking up a passenger at a residential address and you cannot locate them, knock on the passenger's door. If they do not answer, please attempt to contact the passenger via phone or email.

I wasn't able to find the passenger

If you have had an unsuccessful pick-up due to not being able to locate the passenger, please notify us within the At Travel Period by replying to the booking confirmation as soon as possible or by getting in touch with us here.

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