My passenger didn’t show up. What do I do now? Will I still get paid?

If a passenger has booked a transfer and they don't show up, you will be paid in full if:

  • You have attempted to contact the passenger. and,
  • You have attempted to locate the passenger. and,
  • You have communicated a pick-up time to the passenger. or
  • You followed specific instructions specified on the booking confirmation. and 
  • You contacted Jayride within the At Travel Period (within 24 hours of the pickup time) with a brief report on the steps taken to try locate the passenger and evidence proving this.

If you have had an unsuccessful pick-up due to not being able to locate the passenger, please notify us within the At Travel Period by replying to the booking confirmation as soon as possible or by getting in touch with us here.

Please note: 

  1. your passenger may still request a refund, even if they did not show up for a transfer. In these cases, will pass the refund request feedback onto the supplier, and the refund request process will be followed.
  2. in cases where we are notified of a failed transfer out side of the At Travel Period the traveller may be eligible for a full refund.

Evidence required when providing no show feedback

Be sure to include at least two pieces of evidence from the list below;

Contact Evidence  (1 of the below is required)
  • Screenshot of call history
  • Screenshot of text messages (iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, etc)
  • Any email correspondence with the passenger prior to travel
Location Evidence  (1 of the below is required)
  • A photo of the driver at the designated meeting spot (i.e. in the Arrivals Hall/hotel lobby in front of the arrivals board showing the flight number and/or time or in the case where meet and greet is not included, the agreed pick-up spot)
  • GPS logs including time and date stamps
  • Parking tickets including time and date stamps
  • Airport Entry/exit pass including time and date stamps

**Please note** We highly advise providing as many of the below options as possible to ensure a speedy and fair resolution

It is necessary that all supporting documentation include date and timestamps.

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