Best Practice for Transfer Companies

Basic requirements

To ensure that transfer companies listed on are providing a consistent, comfortable and five-star experience for customers, we ask that you meet the following requirements:
Respond to customers
Customers often require confirmation and peace of mind when booking something as important and time-sensitive as an airport transfer. Responding in a timely manner to customer queries is paramount to providing an excellent, considerate service.  We ask transfer companies to respond to messages as quickly as possible to ensure a seamless experience for travellers. 
Accept Confirmed Bookings
We send you bookings based on the information you provide to us. To ensure that you don't receive a booking that you feel you cannot complete, make sure your pricing, coverage and availability is updated with at all times. We ask that if you receive a booking, you complete it regardless.  You can notify us of your availability to prevent receiving bookings at times when you are unavailable – this way you’re more likely to receive bookings that you can complete.
Avoid cancelling on customers
Unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances, we ask that you do everything you can do avoid cancelling a confirmed booking. It causes unnecessary stress for customers, who are left to find alternative arrangements – often last minute. If you do cancel a confirmed booking, you may be subject to agency fees, trust in your brand diminishes and your reliability score will suffer. To be regarded as a reliable transfer company, please ensure you avoid cancelling confirmed bookings.

Garner positive reviews

Everyone wants a positive, seamless experience, especially when it comes to transfers. After each bookings, we ask customers to review their experience with you. The more positive reviews you get, the more likely you'll be seen as a trusted and reliable business.
Transfer companies who get great reviews tend to focus on eight key elements: Punctuality, reliability, proactive clear communication, meeting the travellers expectations, accurate vehicle pictures, clean and tidy vehicles, a timely pick up and smooth drive. By ensuring these eight key metrics are met, you are more likely to get great reviews from customers who love your service! 

Your overall rating is your average review score from all the travellers you’ve serviced, which is then listed on so that customers can make informed choices.

Accurate descriptions

By providing clear, descriptive, honest and accurate listing details, customers can make an informed choice when booking your services. Good quality photos and need-to-know information – like whether you offer meet and greets, are imperative to help meet your customers expectations so they know exactly what kind of services you offer. This will help match customers with a transfer company that suits their needs.

What should you provide?

  • Accurate and up-to-date coverage and pricing.
  • Correct contact information.
  • Listing photos that accurately represent the vehicle condition and types provided.

Handy Hints

  • Have a selection of high-quality images that customers can browse, including captions and a detailed description of your company's services.
  • Be honest and upfront about anything that may impact your customers. Clear and regular communication is key when unexpected factors arise.

Easy Pick Up

Clear and simple meeting instructions will help your passengers find you, especially at a busy (and sometimes confusing!) location such as an airport. Customers will be asked to rate their pick-up experience after their transfer is completed, so please endeavour to make the experience as seamless and easy as possible.

Handy hints

  • Provide clear and simple meeting instructions to
  • If your service includes a meet and greet, make sure to provide this to your passengers.
  • If you use a specific meeting area, be sure that your customers is aware of this and that it is included in the meeting instructions.
  • Be there to meet your customer at the time of pick-up.
  • Make sure your customers can contact you if they have a travel delay or last-minute question.

Dispute Resolutions is an online marketplace connecting passengers to transfer providers across the globe. We understand that sometimes not all travel arrangements go to plan. In the case of quality and service complaints, acts as the mediator to work towards the best possible resolution for all parties involved. 

Our aim is to mediate and resolve disputes in a timely manner and to ensure that the reputation of both and our partners are upheld while providing an exceptional travel experience.

What should you provide?

  • Clear and concise communication including any supporting documentation that will assist our resolution team in closing a dispute quickly, accurately and fairly. For more information read this article
  • Professional and timely responses

Handy Hints

  • Reach out to us before we reach out to you; be proactive in notifying of any potential service issues within 24 hours of the pickup time to ensure any potential dispute is closed quickly and fairly.
  • Aim to provide as much evidence as possible; Typically we see disputes being closed in favour of whichever party is able to present the most evidence.

Jayride's Cancellation Policy

Travellers may cancel a booking at any time prior to the pick-up departure time and their refund policy differs from channel to channel. 

If a booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice you can expect payment unless otherwise agreed upon by the transport company and Jayride.

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