We received a new booking but we are fully booked

If you cannot service the passenger; it is required that you arrange alternative transport for the passenger within your supply network of equal or greater service quality.
If you cannot service the passenger AND you cannot arrange alternative transport for the passenger: Please notify Jayride ASAP so that we can arrange alternative transport for the passenger. If there are no alternatives, we will cancel the booking and refund the passenger. Please note that cancellation fees may apply.

How do I let Jayride know we are unavailable?

Please click reply on the booking confirmation email and let us know you are unavailable and unable to arrange alternative transport for your passenger.

This will send an email to our support team.

Or you can get in touch with us here.

Our support team will review your request and attempt to find an alternate supplier for this transfer. If we are unable to find an alternate supplier for this transfer, the booking will be cancelled and the passenger will be refunded.

You will not be paid for bookings you are unable to service and cancellation fees may apply.

Have a particularly busy day, or going away and would like to update your availability?

If you would like to review your online availability, please send an email to your account manager at   bookings@jayride.com. We can set exclusion dates for days you are unavailable.

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