COVID-19 and your upcoming travel

We understand that during these uncertain times people still need to get to their destination. So we are working with transport companies to help you get to your final destination safely. 

We have worked with our transport companies to figure out what best practice is in the transport industry in times like this to help ensure people are safe. Covid-19 - Recommendations based on Industry best practice.

Heres some COVID-19 prevention tips to help you get to your destination safely.

How to protect you, other travellers and the people helping you get to where you have to go, we have put together a list of prevention measures to avoid spreading the virus. 

✅Avoid touching your face, including nose, mouth and eyes

✅Travel with hand sanitisers and use it regularly

✅Wash your hands with soap and water frequently during your journey (e.g. after alighting the airplane, once passed customs, before meeting your transport company and after arriving at your destination)

✅Cover your cough or sneeze with your elbow or a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands asap

✅If you do develop symptoms after your arrival please contact your doctor or local health authority

✅Avoid shaking hands or hugging

✅Adhere to quarantine regulations in your local area once you make it to your destination. 

Important note: Face masks should be used by people who have flu symptoms to help prevent spreading disease to others. 

For most up to date information please consult your local health and government authorities.

Book with Peace of Mind

We also understand that rules around global and domestic travel are changing rapidly. So this is how we can help:

✅Transport companies available to book at short notice (Please check what's available online via our website and if a transport company is available, they look forward to helping you get to your destination. 

✅Flexible booking amendments to help you travel in case your plans change close to travel time. Please contact Jayride and your transport company asap before your pickup time to ensure we can accommodate you.

✅48-hour cancellation policy. Cancel up to 48 hours before travel to receive a full refund. Please visit Manage Booking to cancel your ride. If you need help cancelling your booking, contact Jayride asap via our contact form: Here.

✅Please plan ahead and visit Manage Booking to manage your booking.

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